Jack Draper is a craftsman based in Dorset, England. Since training as a carpenter, Jack has pushed forward his journey as a craftsman across the world and across disciplines, learning continuously by working on a broad spread of projects with inspiring clients and collaborators.

This journey has given Jack exposure to the full spectrum of working with wood: from individually hand-shaping furniture commissions, to digitally visualising and engineering complex wooden structures.

As a result, Jack’s role has evolved into one of designer-maker: in each project, involvement in every stage is critical to the finished work.

Today, Jack works with organisations as diverse as the Architectural Association and Givenchy, and on a variety of individual commissions. Jack works primarily with native timber species, seeing it as a live material that deserves to be treated with respect.

“For me, all the skills and techniques I’ve honed exist at once in every project. And it all comes back to the craft and working with the natural properties of wood.”

jack draper